If you have spoken to me for more than 5 minutes we have discussed inflammation, bacteria and progesterone.  What can I say, I am terrible at small talk. I have been pushing magnesium, turmeric, water and begged you to decrease caffeine intake.  I all but force-feed probiotics to assist in the gut brain communication and repair the damage stress does to our bodies. Ashwagandha? I have it.

All of these supplements can help mitigate the negative effects of stress, diet and lifestyle choices.  But did you know that they can help support you when burnout sets in?  Burnout or chronic stress without completing the stress/run/rest cycle can lead to inflammation as the body floods your system with cortisol and adrenaline.  Inflammation interferes with the dopamine release signal  which not only decreases our happiness but lowers our motivation as well.  WTF?!  

Our brains are hardwired to keep us alive and do not care about our to-do list.  This means that when it senses inflammation it believes that we are either hurt or sick and require rest so it reroutes energy from our dopamine production to lower task completion motivation to keep us sedentary.  Or in simple terms, my newsletter is late because I've been stressed the fuck out and not practicing what I preach.  Damn evolution.  

So my friends, drink the water, take the vitamins, eat the veggies and get some sleep.

Jessica Martin