It takes a village.... to do anything.

Part of me yearns for when we lived as a collective group, when the wisdom of experience and support of people who believed in you was always there for you to tap into.  Surrounding ourselves with likeminded people who are also in the pursuit of growth helps to shape who we become in such a powerful way.  Imagine what you would risk if you felt truly supported.

It is my hope that I become part of your tribe, someone who supports your efforts to be your best self.  I use an evidenced-based, holistic approach to health and healing by incorporating traditional CBT with mindfulness, art, and somatic understanding to tap into your instinctive need to heal. Stress and pain can wreak havoc in your life through self-sabotaging behaviors and somatic manifestations. Until we can identify and own our distorted narratives moving forward will continue to feel like moving in circles.

As a licensed mental health counselor and certified life coach, I embrace the concept of the collective wisdom.  As multidimensional people we respond best to forms of healing that tap into our emotional, physical, and spiritual selves.  I am excited to be collaborating with some of the many inspired and amazing healers in the coming months to offer workshops, life coaching and support.  Image spending an afternoon journaling, engaging spirit, learning to listen to your body and growing your tribe!

Jessica Martin, LMHC